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Spinal Pain
Guenthner Physical Therapy is known for their expertise in managing pain and disorders of the spine. The staff has been extensively trained in manual therapy techniques and exercise which can dramatically improve the joints, ligaments and muscles of the spine. This conservative approach is often done as an alternative to surgery with very successful results. If surgery is necessary, our therapy will assist you with getting back your function in a safe and expedient fashion post surgery.

The Tempromandibular Joint (TMJ) is between the lower jaw and the skull. This jaw is highly moveable and is used very frequently throughout the day while talking and eating. Dysfunction can occur in the joint and cause pain including headaches, facial pain, dizziness, difficulty opening or closing the mouth, clicking, locking, dislocation, and difficulty with the basics of eating and talking. Approximately 12% of these problems can become chronic. Treatment for TMJ disorders is very effectively managed by Physical Therapy. PT will commonly consist of exercise, soft tissue mobilization, and pain reducing modalities, and education to help you decrease your symptoms and improve your function.

Diabetes is a leading health epidemic throughout the world. Exercise has been shown to be a highly effective tool to manage the disease with less or no reliance on medications. Guenthner’s expertise in the management of Diabetes and exercise work together to provide a very valuable resource for individual’s fighting the disease. This 6 week wellness program will be tailored to your needs and will consist of cardiovascular and resistance training exercises, monitoring of your blood sugar, BMI, weight, HR, and blood pressure, and help with any musculoskeletal issues that are preventing you from appropriately exercising.

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