Guenthner Physical Therapy
White Oak Office
5557 Cheviot Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45247
Fax: 513-741-6631
Bridgetown Office
6061 Bridgetown Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45248
Fax: 513-598-4125
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Our Guiding Principles

Guenthner Physical Therapy operates under eight guiding principles to support our mission

CARE™: At Guenthner Physical Therapy, we deliver complete patient healing and restored function to pre-injury levels. For 22 years, we have applied the CARE™ approach to our work. We give Complete Attention to our patients to achieve immediate Results. Our patients leave with a positive experience healed injury, and restored life.

Integrity: We will be truthful and honest at all times with patients, referral sources and co-workers. This includes honesty in documentation, billing, and in maintaining the privacy of those we serve.

Respect: We will respect the thoughts and opinions of those people that we serve and our co-workers. We will treat each other with dignity and respect at all times, and show appreciation for the contribution of others.

Communication: We commit to maintain open and honest communication with others at all times. We will actively work toward the positive resolution of problems and issues and not spend time with gossip and negative comments towards others. There will always be an open door policy with management and employees will feel free to bring issues to the attention of the practice without fear of retribution.

Ownership: We will take ownership for the outcomes of our patients and for our work behavior and actions.

Teamwork: We will work towards the improvement of the group as a whole, as well as, our own individual performance. We will strive to be a positive force for the work team.

Outcomes: We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our clients and to exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Personal Growth: We will commit to pursuing personal, as well as, work place improvement of ourselves through means such as clinical education and by being open and encouraging to feedback from others.

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