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How To Refer a Patient to Guenthner Physical Therapy

Referrals: Referring a patient to Guenthner Physical Therapy is very simple. Just call our office or fax over a prescription to the number listed at the left side of the page.

With your referral, please include the patient’s diagnosis and any relevant facts that you would like us to take in account. Helpful information may include: surgical type, surgical restrictions in ROM, resistance, and weight bearing status, contraindications, relevant co-morbidities, and any other specific requests.

Scheduling: It is our goal to schedule patients as quickly as possible, quite often on the day of referral or the next. At times, an insurance company’s pre-certification requirements can interfere with this timely scheduling. We work hard to collaborate with the insurers to minimize these delays.

Reports: Following an evaluation, the physical therapist will send you a Plan of Care (POC). Information that you will receive will include a history, objective findings, assessment, goals, plan, and frequency/duration recommendations. Please sign and return the Plan of Care indicating that you are in agreement with the direction that we are heading with your patient. The patient will be periodically re-examined and an updated POC will be sent when there is a change in recommendations or status. We will send these reports prior to any follow-up visit you have scheduled with the patient. If you would like reports more frequently and/or verbally, please let us know.

Professionalism: Please be very confident that your patients will be treated in the highest professional manner at Guenthner Physical Therapy with an emphasis on quality and personalized one-on-one care. We care about patient satisfaction and outcomes and will work hard to earn your trust and respect.

We thank you in advance for your business! We will work hard to cultivate the loyalty of you and your patients. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions, input, or concerns.

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