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5557 Cheviot Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45247
Fax: 513-741-6631
Bridgetown Office
6061 Bridgetown Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45248
Fax: 513-598-4125
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See Why Patients Expect the Best at Guenthner Physical Therapy...

"I can’t tell you how much Guenthner has helped me over the years and I would definitely recommend them to everyone. I recently just did!"
"I have been pleased with the one on one experience with your physical therapist. You are not put into a big group and left by yourself." …"I am appreciative and grateful for everything that Guenthner Physical Therapy has done for me and I would tell everyone about them"
"They have helped both of my knees tremendously. The physical therapists’ were always available whenever I needed them with positive and friendly attitudes."… ! "I have enjoyed my experience so much that I have recommended some of my friends to Guenthner Physical Therapy."
"Cathy and her staff are professionals and possess true knowledge of their craft. They give off an outstanding sense of confidence in everything they do, which lets me know I will be taken care of."… "Since my first visit, there have been numerous positive experiences, which is why I would recommend Guenthner to everyone."
"I would absolutely recommend Guenthner Physical Therapy to anyone that I know because I have very positive experiences each time I come to Guenthner."
"I always felt comfortable when visiting Guenthner because of its personal atmosphere and the complete attention they give their patient’s. Guenthner has helped me not only dance a little bit, but gave me a restored and pain-free life."
"If you do your homework, you will see results. You get what you put into it."… . "I would definitely recommend Guenthner Physical Therapy to everyone."
"This is not your typical therapy place. The therapists at Guenthner listen to you, are attentive, and focused on resolving your problems. They are definitely a "hands on" therapy practice."
"Thank you for helping me reach a place where I can manage my pain instead of letting it rob me on life’s pleasures."
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