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Guenthner Physical Therapy uniquely offers a full spectrum of services, from managing an injury, to building and maintaining an individual’s level of health and fitness. We integrate our expertise in injury management, prevention, movement, and musculoskeletal function to offer programs that are individualized, effective, and safe.

Classes available:

Pilates: Pilates is a method of exercise that develops core postural musculature strength, stability, and flexibility. Pilates trains the core muscles to become strong and work more efficiently with the superficial muscles of the body. This results in improved strength and stability of the body, and improved physical performance. The focus is on quality of movement vs quantity and gradual progression of difficulty. Appropriate for individuals of any fitness level. The class will be tailored to your level of fitness.

Yoga: This series of classes will teach a foundational yoga practice which will strengthen, stretch, and tone. We will emphasize gentle postures that address tension release and strength in the hips, back, and shoulders, and support the integrity of the spine. Focusing on alignment, coordinating breath with movement, and adapting postures for individual body types, this class will both energize and relax you. For individuals of any fitness level

Movement class: This class combines stretching, gentle yoga, balance, coordination, and strengthening to enhance posture, flexibility, and balance. Appropriate for seniors and beginners.

Strength/ROM class: This class uses weights, bands, and balls, to strengthening all major muscle groups and core, and enhances flexibility to improve your fitness. This class has the option to be done in a chair and is appropriate for seniors and beginners

Total Joint class: This class is appropriate for individuals with a total joint replacement who have finished their initial therapy and are interested in gradually and safely improving their fitness to get back to activities such as golf, gardening, exercise walking, or exercise classes.

Individualized Fitness Instruction: Take your fitness to a whole new level with individualized fitness assessment and program design and training. Using our expertise in injury management, health, strength and flexibility assessment, we will set up a personal program for you that meet your own unique needs, exercise preferences, and goals. We will work with you at your pace to enhance your health. Perfect for people of all ages, and abilities to help you get to your next level.

Wellness Evaluation: A physical therapist will evaluate your posture, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, core strength and cardiovascular level. Take away a plan to improve your fitness. Perfect for all ages and abilities.

Diabetes Wellness program: Guenthner Physical Therapy’s expertise in the management of Diabetes and exercise work together to provide a very valuable resource for diabetic management. The goal of this program is to use exercise to help you manage the disease process. The program is 3 times a week for six weeks, 1 hour per session. It will be individualized and tailored to your needs. Each session will consist of cardiovascular and resistance training exercises, education, monitoring of your blood sugar, BMI, weight, HR, and blood pressure, and help with any musculoskeletal issues that are preventing you from appropriately exercising. Appropriate for the Pre-Diabetic and Type II Diabetic.

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