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Guenthner Physical Therapy, Inc (GPT) is one of Cincinnati’s leading providers of outpatient rehabilitation and wellness services. Cathy Guenthner opened her first clinic in 1989 affiliated with the University Pain Control Center. Guenthner Physical Therapy has grown and diversified with the changing health care market. There are two clinics located on the west side of Cincinnati in White Oak and Bridgetown. In 2001, Cathy established Go Kentucky Rehab, LLC to provide therapy services in the Northern Kentucky region. Delivering excellence in patient care is our strength. GPT uses the CARE™ approach with all of our patients; Complete Attention Results Experience. We are committed to using objective information to direct our treatments. As a member of the Ohio Physical Therapy Network, our clinical outcome and patient satisfaction data is compared to other physical therapy clinics on a state wide basis. Our staff is encouraged to constantly challenge themselves to understand the underlying physical dysfunction and restore wellness to our clients. Our professionals routinely enhance their skills through further education. They observe surgeries to improve their understanding of surgical outcomes. We support the development of our profession through the training of physical therapy students and active involvement in our professional association. 

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Guenthner Physical Therapy: White Oak

5557 Cheviot Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45247, US

Phone (513) 923-1700 ; Fax (513)741-6631


This office has appointments Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The first appointment is at 7:20 A.M. and the last is at 5:40 P.M.  Tuesday and Thursday are available by appointment. The office hours may vary depending on the day. Please call our office to get more specific hours.

Guenthner Physical Therapy: Bridgetown

6061 Bridgetown Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45248, United States

Phone (513) 598-3202 ; Fax (513) 598-4125


This office is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The hours of this office may vary depending on the day.  Please call our office to get more specific hours.

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